Vegas Trip!

We had a great visit to the annual Vision Expo West meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Drs. Abert and Pedroza attended the meeting with our optical manager Kelly and our lead optician Claudia.  We had a great time in class, learning about new eye care technologies, and having fun!  Kelly and Claudia took classes on optical technology, patient care, employee management, and healthcare, while the docs took classes on glaucoma and retinal disease diagnosis and treatment.  Please enjoy these images from our trip!

Our first meal in Las Vegas! We landed in the evening after work and checked in to our hotel. We wondered if any restaurants would be open at midnight, and the answer was a definite yes!

Drs. Abert and Pedroza are excited to return to Vegas after being away for a few years.

Dr. Deanna Pedroza poses with our lead optician Claudia. This was Claudia’s first visit to Vision Expo and she tirelessly attended class and visited the exhibit hall.

Dr. Pedroza, Dr. Abert, Claudia, and Kelly pose at a party held at the end of the meeting.

We all went out exploring on our second night and saw the impressive Fremont Street Light Show!

Dr. Pedroza calls her daughter who stayed home in Colorado. Thanks to Grandma for watching our kids so we could go to the meeting together!

Dr. Pedroza, Kelly, and Claudia pose at the party!

Kelly’s life-long dream dream of meeting the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles finally came true!

Dr. Pedroza and Dr. Abert got to meet Mr. Joey Fatone! He was a super nice guy to hang out with a bunch of optometrists all night!

Thank you for checking out these pictures form our meeting in Las Vegas!  If you would like to schedule your annual comprehensive eye and vision examination of yourself, or your family, please call us at (303) 450-2020, or use the button below to schedule online:

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