Eye and Vision Q&A!

Dr. Brian Abert, Vista Eye Care's founding optometrist, answers questions from patients about eye care“My eye has been red and irritated for a few days now, should I treat them with over-the-counter eye drops?” – Sam via email

Hi Sam, that is a good question, and one that our doctors hear all the time.  There are so many causes of a red or pink eye that we would recommend you get your eye looked at.  Eye redness and/or irritation could be from foreign matter (dust, eyelash, sand, etc.), allergies, eye dryness, infection (by virus or bacteria most commonly), or inflammation.  To try to treat all of those things with an over-the-counter eye drop probably isn’t practical until you know exactly what needs to be treated.  Even within a single category of irritation, there are many causes and those have many treatments.  For example, dry eye can be caused by poor tear quality or lack of tear production.  The treatment for those two separate causes are entirely different.  Our doctors have the proper diagnostic agents, equipment, and know-how to determine exactly what is causing your red, irritated eye.  Come on in and let’s get you figured out!  Medical eye visits at Vista Eye Care can be billed to your medical insurance.


“Halloween is coming up and I am going as a zombie.  As part of my transformation into the un-dead, I want to wear theatrical contact lenses.  Is that a good idea for my eye health?” –Francisco via email

Contact lenses are considered prosthetic devices that are only available legally by prescription from an eye doctor.  This is important because contact lenses that are improperly fit or prescribed can cause serious issues with eye health.  If a contact lens is fit improperly, a wide variety of eye issues can result including infection, corneal ulceration, and even glaucoma.  Vista Eye Care can special-order contact lenses for your costume that our doctors can fit you in properly to help assure that you have a safe and fun Halloween!


“My wife goes to her eye doctor each year because she wears contact lenses, but I have always seen just fine.  At dinner the other night, I explained that I hadn’t had an eye exam since grade school and my friends recommended I get my eyes examined regularly even with any vision symptoms.  Should I get an eye exam even though my vision is fine?” –Carly via email

Carly, you bring up a good point, and one that the eye care community is trying to be more vocal about.  Because vision is the most precious of our senses, it should be respected and cared for.  A healthy set of eyes, even eyes with fantastic vision, should still receive yearly eye and vision examinations.  A wide variety of eye diseases have no symptoms in their early stages, and as with most bodily ailments, are easier to treat earlier than later.  A comprehensive eye and vision examination at Vista Eye Care includes assessment of your vision (refraction) which measures your nearsightedness, farsightedness, and/or astigmatism as well as how your eyes perform in your place of work.  We measure your pupil function, eye muscle function, and posture of the eyes.  We assess the health of the front of the eye, measure your eye pressures, and assess the health of the back of the eye in relation to optic nerve health, macular health, and blood vessel health.  Consistent eye care can help rule out macular degeneration, glaucoma, cataracts, dry eye, corneal disease, retinal disease, and ocular manifestation of systemic diseases.  Furthermore, even in patients with perfectly healthy eyes, our doctors like to emphasize the importance of preventative eye care.  We recommend annual eye and vision examinations for patients of all ages, and encourage you to make an appointment by calling us at (303) 450-2020, or by using the button below to schedule your appointment online:

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Vision Summit 2017

Vista Eye Care sent a team of staff accompanying Dr. Brian Abert and Dr. Deanna Pedroza to the annual Colorado Vision Summit.  This meeting is an opportunity for all members of the eye care profession to learn about the latest technology, treatment, research, and methods of care that can help our patients!  Our staff and doctors took a variety of classes over the weekend, and learned a great deal that will be applied to our own practice.  Please enjoy these pictures from the event:

Vista Eye Care's staff team learned a great deal at the CVS meeting in Denver.

Our incredible Vista Eye Care team! We were fortunate to be able to send four staff members to the meeting with us. From left to right: Kelly, our Optical Manager; Dr. Brian Abert; Dr. Deanna Pedroza; Madison, our Ophthalmic Lab Technician; Sonya, our Office Manager; and Dana, our ophthalmic technician. We had a great time together!

Our eye doctors are in class learning about how to better serve their patients

Ready to Learn!  Husband and wife optometry team and founders of Vista Eye Care, Dr. Brian Abert and Dr. Deanna Pedroza. How wonderful that we got to spend the weekend in class together!

Check out this funny poster that we saw just down the street form our eye care meeting!

What a crazy sign! The doctors went out for lunch and found a great little sandwich shop which had this poster on the wall! We were thrilled that a parody Snellen eye chart was hanging on a wall just down he street from the State’s largest optometry meeting!

Vista Eye Care Selfie!  Of course, no optometry meeting would be complete without our group shot selfie!

We are so glad that you enjoyed these pictures from our meeting!  Please call us today to schedule your annual comprehensive eye and vision examination at (303) 450-2020, or use the button below to schedule your appointment online:

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Vista Eye Care Celebrates its Seventh Anniversary!

Vista Eye Care celebrated its 7th Anniversary on July 1st, 2017.  Thank you so much to our wonderful patients and incredible staff who have shared our passion for excellent eye care in Thornton.  We are honored to serve our patients!  Dr. Brian Abert, and Dr. Deanna Pedroza, founding doctors of Vista Eye Care, cooked waffles for all of the staff to show how much they are appreciated.  Let me tell you, starting the day with some gourmet waffles is the way to do it!  Please enjoy these pictures from the event:

Dr. Brian Abert and Dr. Deanna Pedroza pose with their children, Sophia and Nathaniel.  We arrived early before work to cook up some waffles for everyone!

I wish we had waffles everyday…

Waffles are delicious, but they are truly made spectacular when you have all the fixings!

Look at these awesome waffles! The staff deserved a special treat!

Let’s look back at the first day of Vista Eye Care – July 1st, 2010. Dr. Abert hangs up the window decal on the morning Vista Eye Care opened its doors.

Dr. Abert and Dr. Pedroza pose in front of the office as it was being built in 2014. Our new facility is a state of the art building entirely dedicated to eye care.  The new building opened in December of 2014.

Here is our amazing patient care team! Thank you so much to our great staff for another year.  Please keep up the good work!

Please stop by our office any time, or schedule your annual comprehensive eye and vision examination by giving us a call at (303) 450-2020, or use the button below to schedule online!

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2017 Eclipse

For the first time in nearly 100 years, an eclipse will occur that will be visible to most of the continental United States. This eclipse, a “total solar eclipse,” will occur on Monday, August 21st, 2017. From the Denver Metro area, the closest available viewing spot to view the total eclipse will be just north of our state up in Wyoming.  This eclipse was discussed on Planetary Radio’s podcast, and was predicted on that show to be the most viewed solar eclipse ever in the United States, and possibly the world.  1000’s of people are expected to migrate to ideal viewing locales in order to experience this unique natural phenomenon. While the sight of the sun’s corona and star-viewing midday will certainly awe and inspire countless people, as optometrists, we are concerned with the safety of viewing a solar eclipse.

The sun is a massive sphere of hot plasma that is approximately 864,500 miles in diameter. Through the process of nuclear fusion, a mix of solar radiation is generated. Because of the extreme intensity of solar radiation, viewing the sun unprotected is very strongly advised against. Even at totality, when the moon covers the sun, dangerous levels of ultraviolet light will still be reaching you at the Earth’s surface. Your eye is designed to focus light at the retina, and the eye’s ability to concentrate dangerous forms of light, such as ultraviolet, can result in permanent damage to the eye. Diseases of the retina, cornea, and crystalline lens can result in permanent blindness if the sun is improperly viewed. Retinal disease such as macular degeneration are thought to originate from ultraviolet and short-wavelength light exposure to the retina. Cataracts are widely understood to be caused by oxidation from the same wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Vista Eye Care’s doctors urge all eclipse viewers to do so safely through proper filters which allow you to view the spectacle of the eclipse without endangering your eyes. We have eclipse-viewing filters available to patients that request one (these are available until we run out!). Even outside of eclipse-viewing, we recommend that all patients of all ages wear ultraviolet protection when outdoors. We live at altitude here in Thornton, and are exposed to more ultraviolet light than most people. Please consider your eye health every day and especially when viewing the awesomeness of this upcoming celestial phenomenon. Wishing you all a fun and safe 2017 Eclipse Event!

To schedule your annual eye and vision examination, please call us at (303) 450-2020, or use the button below to schedule online.

Image credit: NASA. https://images.nasa.gov/#/details-S80-37406.html.  This image depicts an eclipse, but an eclipse of the sun by the Earth!  This image was taken by the Apollo 12 astronauts on their way home from the moon in 1969.

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August LASIK Event!

Vista Eye Care is holding a LASIK Consultation Event on Tuesday, August 15th, 2017 from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM.  Working alongside TLC Vision Center in Denver, patients will be able to meet with TLC’s Clinical Director to see if they are a candidate for LASIK or PRK, and will also be able to discuss financing the procedure.  See below for more information!

This event is a great opportunity for patients to look into the procedure, even if they are just thinking about the surgery.  TLC is reducing their procedure cost by $300 per eye for those patients that attend this event.  The appointment time is 20 minutes, and patients will not need to have their eyes dilated.  Many of our patients have further questions about LASIK, financing the procedure, or just want to see if they are a good candidate for refractive vision surgery.  Please call our office at (303) 450-2020 to schedule your FREE consultation.


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Maui Jim Showcase

We had a great turnout for our Maui Jim Showcase Event on Friday, June 9th, 2017!  Thank you to our wonderful patients and fun-loving staff for making this event a success.  Please enjoy some photos from our fun day:

The prize pile! What an awesome grab bag assortment of cool summer gear!

The winner of our raffle! She gets a great summer survival pack of Maui Jim goods! Perfect to go with her brand new sunglasses!

What a great group shot! Thanks to our great staff for helping with the event!

Of course, Maui Jim was well-represented with their entire frame line available to our patients. These high-quality, beautiful sunglasses arrived just in time for summer!

Ciera was in full Hawaiian mode while helping patients at the front desk.

Maui Wowi Smoothies catered our event and did a great job!

Thank you to the great folks at Maui Wowi Smoothies for the incredible smoothies for the event!

Adriana and Dr. Melissa Vanray were excited to wear some flowers to work!  Perfect for summer time!

Our staff got into the Hawaiian spirit by dressing up for the event. Here is our Ophthalmic Technician team bringing the spirit of the islands to Thornton, Colorado!

Thanks for checking out pictures from our fun event!  Please call us at (303) 450-2020 to schedule your annual eye and vision examination.

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Itchy Eye Relief!

Ocular allergy relief at Vista Eye CareSpring is here, and with Springtime comes allergies.  Many of us are familiar with the runny/stuffy nose and sinus pressure that allergies often bring.  Those systemic symptoms are often handled nicely by the fantastic over-the-counter antihistamine medications available.  But what about eye symptoms?  What about dry eye, red eye, watery eye, and itchy eye?  Identifying ocular allergies is key to treating it, and Vista Eye Care is here to help!

Ocular allergies consist of a variety of symptoms that often can mimic other eye issues.  Many times patients have arrived at our office complaining of pink eye, only to learn that their “infection” is actually an allergic eye reaction.  The watery, sticky tears of eye allergies are a common sight in our office this time of year.  The itchy sensation that is the key feature of allergies is only made worse when the patient itches their eyes.  The allergic reaction is triggered by histamine particles which act on eye tissues to cause the allergic reaction.  Cells that contain the histamine particles called “mast cells” burst open and the reaction then goes into overdrive.  Many patients that are using systemic medications for their allergies still have issues with their eyes which should be addressed with topical medications.

The topical medications at the disposal of our eye doctors are excellent.  Many prescribed antihistamine drops are used only once daily, and they even have the property of preventing mast cells from bursting and releasing the histamines they contain –this essentially stops an allergic reaction before it even starts.  For those patients with the worst allergies that are in need of relief quickly, a topical steroid medication may be appropriate to get the allergies under control.

If you have any symptoms of ocular allergies, know that our optometrists are here for you!  Medical eye visits can be billed to your medical insurance, so please visit us to get the relief you need.  Please call us today at (303) 450-2020 to schedule your eye allergy exam, or your annual comprehensive eye and vision exam, or feel free to use the link below to schedule!

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