Florida Optometry Conference

Dr. Abert and Dr. Pedroza attended the 2018 Power Practice conference on Amelia Island in Florida.  They learned about macular degeneration treatment and prevention, retinal imaging, and glaucoma management in addition to practice management.  Please enjoy these pictures from their conference:

On the flight out to Florida, the Vista Eye Care docs arrived pretty late. Nathan didn’t sleep at all on the flight, but Sophia was exhausted!

Dr. Pedroza, Nathan, and Sophia play on the beach before the storm rolled in.

Nathan walks down to check out the beach. Even though it rained nearly every day, they still had time to go play at the beach a bit.

The Thornton, Colorado eye doctors ran into a turtle at the meeting that Sophia absolutely loved.

Dr. Abert and Dr. Pedroza pose for a picture between class at the Power Practice meeting on Amelia Island in Florida.

The meeting was held at a scenic and historic island outside of Jacksonville, Florida.

Thank you for checking out pictures of our doctors’ adventures in Florida!  If you need to schedule your annual eye and vision examination for yourself or a member of your family, please call us today at (303) 450-2020, or use the link below to schedule your appointment online:

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Cambodia Glasses Donations Needed!

Dr. Melissa Vanray and her husband, Dr. Wills Vanray are once again trekking to Cambodia this June for a mission trip.  Their mission is to conduct eye and vision exams.  They will be fitting glasses on dozens of patients and they need your help!  Vista Eye Care will donate lenses and use our in-office ophthalmic lens laboratory to cut the lenses for donated frames.  We need the following:



  • Reading glasses (all powers, all styles)
  • Old prescriptions glasses
  • Old glasses frames
  • Old prescription bifocals
  • Sunglasses
  • Children’s glasses
  • Children’s sunglasses
  • Dry eye drops (artificial tears, seals bottles only)

Please drop you donation off at the front desk and we will make sure they get to Dr. Vanray.  Thank you for your helping the people the of Cambodia!

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Why Are My Eyes So Dry?

There are many types of dry eye, though all types of dry eye result in similar symptoms: irritated, sandy, red eyes.  The causes of dry eye are diverse, as are its treatments.  For Vista Eye Care’s patients, dry eye is an especially prominent issue because of Colorado’s dry climate, and the fact that so many of our patients (including our own doctors and staff!) work a great deal of the day at computer screens.

Dry eye can be caused by a general lack of tear production.  This can be influenced by age, medication use, and occupation.  For patients with this type of dry eye, there are a variety of useful treatment options including artificial tears (to add bulk to the tear layer), punctal occlusion (to prevent tears from draining out of the eye too quickly), and medications designed to increase tear production (including Restasis® and Xiidra®).

If a patient has poor quality tears, then the above solutions may not work well.  Most cases of poor tear quality stem from eyes being deficient in the oil layer of the tears.  Think of the oil layer as floating on top of the tears and preventing the evaporation of those tears.  Tear oil is secreted from oil glands in the lids called “Meibomian glands.”  These Meibomian glands are prone to clogging up which traps the oil uselessly inside the lids, and the leaves the tears without that insulating barrier to the atmosphere.  Now, tears are overproduced by the body, though these low quality, oil-deficient tears are incapable of adhering properly to the front of the eye. They evaporate quickly, or collect at the lower lid where exit the eye still leaving the cornea without good tear coverage.

The condition of clogged Meibomian glands is called meibomitis, and is thought to be the cause of the majority of dry eye cases.  So for those patients suffering from Meibomitis, will adding artificial tears help? Will the treatments for poor tear production aid someone with tears of poor quality?  The two forms of eye dryness are unique enough that their treatments are not interchangeable.  Meibomitis needs to be resolved before dry eye issues can be solved.  One excellent way to clear the Meibomian glands is to apply a heat mask.  The heat in the mask breaks down the oil trapped in the lids making it easier for that oil to exit the Meibomian glands.  A simple lid massage with your fingers after heating can help free-up the clogged glands.  If the glands are sufficiently impacted, it may be necessary to use mechanical removal. Our doctors can express the Meibomian glands using specialized forceps.  Now free of obstruction, the Meibomian glands can produce oil which can enter the tear layer and seal your own tears up against your eye.  For cases of Meibomitis too severe for manual expression, an instrument called LipiFlow® can help restore the Meibomian glands to better functionality.

If you suffer from dry eye, please don’t hesitate to contact us at (303) 450-2020 to schedule a medical appointment for your eyes.  Feel free also to use the button below to schedule your appointment online:

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Eye Care Question and Answer

Dr. Brian Abert, Vista Eye Care's founding optometrist, answers questions from patients about eye careI had LASIK about ten years ago and haven’t had an eye exam since.  Should I still worry about routine eye care?” –Jim via Email

Hi Jim, we have many patients who have great vision after having had LASIK, PRK, or cataract surgery.  After those procedures, many patients are able to gain great uncorrected vision. However, eye disease can occur in any patient.  Just because you had nearsightedness (before LASIK) doesn’t mean you also couldn’t end up getting diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, and/or macular degeneration.  At Vista Eye care, our mission is prevention.  We believe strongly in patient education and using the latest tools and technology to prevent disease before it starts.  For example, macular degeneration is caused not only by the ultraviolet light blocked by sunglasses, but also by blue light emitted by computer screens, overhead lights, and the sun.  For those patients with low macular pigment density, we recommend blocking these harmful wavelengths as well as reducing the macula’s susceptibility to disease by increasing dietary zeaxanthin and lutein intake.  Even if you see great, we can still identify risk factors that may ultimately lead to vision loss in the future.  Furthermore, early signs of disease may be present even in the absence of symptoms.  For example, we often identify glaucoma risk factors in patients who didn’t even know they had risk for acquiring that disease.  In short, we recommend regular eye care to prevent vision loss.


What makes getting glasses at Vista Eye Care so special?  Can’t I get them from other places?” –Jean via email.

Jean, there are many places for you to get your glasses, though no one will be able to help you achieve better vision than Vista Eye Care.  We offer premium-quality Shamir lenses in our progressive lens designs.  These third-generation digital progressive lenses allow for wide reading corridors and crisp distance vision.  We use top-quality name-brand Crizal™ coatings, and use the latest lens materials to ensure light, comfortable lenses.  Unlike discount retailers, all of our frame collections are current meaning that all frames are fully warrantied.  We make educating our staff a priority and as a result, our staff is always up to date on the latest technologies and techniques to provide our patients with the best vision.

We utilize the latest equipment in position of wear measurements.  After your doctor determines your glasses prescription, our opticians use a special computerized mirror system to measure the distance between your pupils, the forward tilt of your lenses, the frames wrap around your eyes, and the distance from your eye to the back of your lenses.  These numbers are then synthesized together to take into account your own unique glasses prescription, lens design, and frame selection to produce digitally-corrected vision.  The days of using measurements from only a ruler and pen are long over!  Lastly, our frame and lens warranty is top notch, which allows you to trust that your glasses will provide long-lasting vision correction.  While there are certainly glasses out there that are cheaper, we believe that a sense as valuable as vision deserves quality and peace of mind.

Please call us today at (303) 450-2020 to schedule annual comprehensive eye and vision examinations for yourself and your family, or use the button below to schedule your appointment online:

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May LASIK Event!

Vista Eye Care is holding a LASIK Consultation Event on Tuesday, May 15th, 2018 from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM.  Working alongside TLC Vision Center in Denver, patients will be able to meet with TLC’s Clinical Director to see if they are a candidate for LASIK or PRK, and will also be able to discuss financing the procedure.  See below for more information!

This event is a great opportunity for patients to look into the procedure, even if they are just thinking about the surgery.  TLC is reducing their procedure cost by $300 per eye for those patients that attend this event.  The appointment time is 20 minutes, and patients will not need to have their eyes dilated.  Many of our patients have further questions about LASIK, financing the procedure, or just want to see if they are a good candidate for refractive vision surgery.  Please call our office at (303) 450-2020 to schedule your FREE consultation.



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Staff Hibachi Lunch!

Our awesome team has worked hard to take great care of our patients and we all deserved a nice lunch together!  Vista Eye Care visited Mt. Fuji Hibachi Grill in the Orchard Shopping Center in Westminster.  We had a great time watching our Grill Master prepare our tasty food!  Check out these pictures from our fun afternoon:

The best part of the hibachi experience is the awesome spectacle of the grill!

Kaely, Brittany, Sonya, Tara, and Anmol eagerly await their delicious lunch!

Dr. Vanray, Dana, Dr. Swenson, and Anthony have front row seats to a fun lunchtime experience!

We even had a few sushi appetizers. Thanks Mt. Fuji for a great lunch!

Thank you to our amazing team for taking such great care of our patients! You all deserved a special lunch.

Thanks for checking out pictures from our fun lunch!  If you would like to schedule your annual eye and vision examination, please call us at (303) 450-2020, or use the button below to schedule your exam online:

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Vista Eye Care Staff Pictures!

Each year Vista Eye Care has a photo session.  This allows for all of our website and newsletter pictures to stay updated.  Be sure to check out our updated staff bios, and updated doctor bios!  We had a couple of key staff members celebrating some pretty spectacular anniversaries with the practice as well:

We are so thankful to have Tara on our team! She just celebrated her 3rd anniversary with Vista Eye Care. Where would we be without Tara? She helps with insurance, billing, teching, and optical needs. Thank you Tara for all of your hard work!

We were sort of bored while taking pictures, so what better thing to do than take a goofy picture? Here’s all the doctors of Vista Eye Care: Dr. Jami Swenson, Dr. Melissa Vanray, Dr. Deanna Pedroza, and Dr. Brian Abert. Cheese!

Dr. Melissa Vanray has been caring for patients at Vista Eye Care for 4 years! We are thrilled to work with such a talented and amazing doctor!

It is a yearly tradition to have a selfie at the front desk. Here is our 2018 Staff Selfie!

Please call our office today to schedule an annual eye and vision examination for yourself, or your family at (303) 450-2020, or use the button below to schedule your exam online:

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