Eclipse 2017!

The United States witnessed an incredible solar eclipse event on August 21st, 2017, and Denver was in the path of a near-total eclipse!  Dr. Abert, Dr. Pedroza, and their children, Nathaniel and Sophia, got to camp in Nebraska in anticipation of seeing the total eclipse.  A life-long astronomy enthusiast, Dr. Abert was thrilled when the clouds cleared up and the total eclipse was visible.  Vista Eye Care’s patients were able to use special filtered “eclipse glasses” to safely view event – we gave out 1,000 sets of eclipse glasses in the months leading up to the event!  Please enjoy these pictures from our family eclipse experience!

Dr. Brian Abert, Dr .Deanna Pedroza, Sophia, and Nathaniel watch the eclipse from the town of Arthur, Nebraska.  Yes, they and their friends even made tie-die shirts for the event!

Earth’s only natural satellite, the Moon, covers the sun in a total eclipse! How cool is that?!

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