Join Us For Small Business Saturday!

Vista Eye Care is proud to be a Thornton, Colorado small business.  We are not a chain or franchise, and we answer to no one but our patients!  We are proud to feature our state-of-the-art lens technologies, and for Small Business Saturday, we are showcasing them in a contest where you can win a free complete pair of glasses in Our Small Business Saturday Giveaway!

  • Shamir Autograph III – This is our flagship progressive lens providing full distance, computer, and reading vision without distortion and without compromise.
  • Shamir Relax – For the person on the go, this lens provides just a pinch of power to ease your focus while you view your smartphone or tablet.
  • Shamir Attitude – This is the ultimate sunglass lens, whether you’re sporting sleek cycling lenses, or the fashionable showy lenses of our designer shades.

Enter to win on Saturday, November 25th, 2017.  Every pair of glasses you purchase gives you an entry into our Small Business Saturday Giveaway.  If you win, you receive any frame (up to $200) and any Shamir lens that best fits your lifestyle (up to $1,000 value!).

The rules: Frame value of up to $200.  Excludes Maui Jim, Oakley, and Wily X lab orders.  You are permitted one entry ticket with each complete pair of glasses purchased.  Excludes all vision plan orders.

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Womens’ Bean Project

Dr. Brian Abert and Dr. Deanna Pedroza had the opportunity to visit the Women’s Bean Project in Denver, Colorado and to offer eye exams to the staff there.  Vista Eye Care is donating glasses to any women there that need them.  “We had a great time visiting these inspirational ladies,” Dr. Pedroza said.  “It was an honor to get to meet them and to use our professional abilities to make sure their eyes were healthy and they were seeing to their potential!”

From the Women’s Bean Project Website:

Founded in 1989, Women’s Bean Project is an anomaly in the business world. It is a business, one that packages and sells bean soup mixes, baking mixes and other dry food products to stores across the U.S. and online. But tucked inside this business is a human services organization designed to provide a safe and accepting work environment where impoverished women can learn the skills required for gainful employment.

Please enjoy these pictures from our fun afternoon performing eye exams!

Dr. Deanna Pedroza arrives at the Women’s Bean Project headquarters in Denver with a cart full of eye care supplies and equipment.

The Women’s Bean Project is located in an old firehouse that the organization purchased from the City of Denver. The elevator was convenient, but slow as this sign attests!

Dr. Brian Abert works with an employee to test her vision.

Dr. Deanna Pedroza checks the retinal health of a Women’s Bean Project staff member.

The Women’s Bean Project director was kind enough to present us with a gift basket. We plan on making the chili this week!

Thank you for checking out the pictures from our fun afternoon at the Women’s Bean Project!  Next week we will return to dispense the glasses we are donating to the staff, and to complete a few more eye exams.  Please look for Women’s Bean Project goods where you shop and support this wonderful organization!

If you would like to schedule your annual comprehensive eye and vision examination, please call us today at (303) 450-2020, or use the button below to schedule your appointment online:

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Staff Trivia Night!

Vista Eye Care hosted its first Trivia Night with the Geeks who Drink trivia group.  We had a super-fun time testing our super-useless knowledge.  Read more about our hijinks from the perspective of our Quiz Master, John.  Enjoy these pictures from our fun night out!

Our entire office was invited for a fun night of trivia at our Lead Optician Claudia’s house!  Thank you to Claudia for hosting our employee party at your beautiful home!

Geeks who Drink is a local trivia group that meets at restaurants and bars. Because we had such a big group, they agreed to host a special night just for our office!

What an appropriate bottle opener, eh?

The competing teams of Vista Eye Care rattle their brains for the correct answer.

Dana, Kelly, Kathy, and Sam had a blast!

Amanda, Richard, Tara and Dr. Pedroza celebrate their win!  Good job team!

Claudia, Jeff, Sonya, and Ciara were in it to win it!

Every great contest needs a prize, and everyone received either a bag of chips or some Pop Rocks for their efforts!

Richard’s favorite category was recognizing pop songs played in the form of instrumental saxophone solos.  His experience as a sax player helped drive him to victory!

Thank you for stopping by to check out our fun trivia night pictures!  Vista Eye Care is so fortunate to have the greatest team ever in charge of your eye care.  Please call us to schedule your appointment today at (303) 450-2020, or use the button below to schedule your annual eye and vision examination.  There’s nothing trivial about excellent patient care, and we invite you to come see our team in action!

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Give the Gift of LASIK!

Join us at Vista Eye Care on Tuesday, November 14th, 2017 for a LASIK Consultation Day!  LASIK can be a fantastic opportunity to change the way you see, and change your life in the process.  From 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM on Tuesday, November 14th, we have no-cost appointments available to determine if you would be a good candidate for this procedure.  If you can’t make it on Tuesday, just give our office a call and we will get you in for next month’s event!  Best of all, there is a great $1,000 off promotion going on through the end of the year (see below for more details).  If you have been thinking about LASIK, now is a great time to look into it!  Give us a call at (303) 450-2020 to schedule your LASIK consultation.


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Chicago Meeting!

Dr. Brian Abert and Dr. Deanna Pedroza visited Chicago, Illinois for the annual American Academy of Optometry meeting this October.  They took a variety of classes, including courses on low vision, contact lenses, ocular disease, systemic disease, glaucoma, ocular nutrition, and practice management.  “This was my first time visiting Chicago,” said Dr. Pedroza.  “I had so much fun seeing the architecture of the city!”  The docs managed to take an entire day off from class, and took a boat ride down the Chicago river.  Please enjoy these pictures from their adventures:

The Windy City! The weather was fantastic in Chicago except for a bit of rain.  Dr. Abert took this picture from the 95th floor of the John Hancock Center Tower.

Chicago optometry meeting

Drs. Abert and Pedroza pose over the river in downtown Chicago.  What a view, huh?

We were super excited to visit Chicago for the meeting this year! Next year’s annual meeting will be in San Antonio and we hope to get to go to that meeting as well.

The docs had a great time wandering around the city. Chicago is considered a great city to explore on foot and it was easy to see why! Dr. Pedroza reported up to 16,000 steps on her watch!

Deep dish pizza! This was a highlight for Dr. Abert who has looked so forward to trying Chicago Pie. The verdict: worth the flight for a pizza alone.

What an amazing city! We were so fortunate to be able to visit this beautiful city.

What would a trip to Chicago be without a Chicago Dog? Dr. Pedroza enjoyed this Windy City classic and reported that it was “perfect!”

Dr. Pedroza met up with friends from school: from Left: Dr. Deanna Pedroza, Dr. Sonia Salas, Dr. Reena Patel, and Dr. Linda Pang. It was great to see the gang!

Here Dr. Pedroza poses in Millenium Park by the big reflective “Bean” that draws tourists (and optometrists apparently) worldwide. Even the rain couldn’t stop Dr. Pedroza from exploring the city!

Dr. Abert and Dr. Pedroza had an incredible time in Chicago and look forward to visiting again soon!

Thank you for looking at our trip pictures!  Please call us today at (303) 450-2020 to schedule annual eye and vision examinations for yourself and your family, or feel free to use the button below to schedule with us online:

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Halloween Contacts!

Decorative Halloween contact lenses are an exciting way to dramatically change your look. Who doesn’t want to look like a demon, vampire, or anime character this October? Vista Eye Care is happy to offer our patients high-quality costume contact lenses at a reasonable price. Our goal in offering these contact lenses is to make sure that your Halloween theatrical contacts lenses fit your eyes correctly and will provide you with a safe costume accessory.

These are just a few of the contact lenses that Vista Eye Care offers. All of these designs are available in prescription lenses.

These are just a few of the contact lenses that Vista Eye Care offers. All of these designs are available in prescription lenses.

While costume contact lenses are fun, all contact lenses are considered medical devices regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Establishments that sell contact lenses without a prescription are breaking the law. These laws are in place to protect patients from lenses that don’t fit correctly and might damage your eyes and affect your vision. Improperly-fit contact lenses can result in scratches to the eye, eye infection, corneal ulcers, decreased vision, and blindness. Rather than chance your vision to illegal contact lenses, we offer great lenses that our optometrists can properly fit to your eyes!

We offer a variety of contact lenses with a wide range of looks (see image above for a few of the lens designs that we have available). For those patients that already wear contact lenses, we can make lenses in your powers! If you don’t have the need for power in your contacts, we can get lenses with zero power in them as well. Please call our office today to schedule your contact lens fitting. You will be able to pick out your lens design and we can even teach you how to put in, remove, and care for your Halloween contacts. Call our office today at (303) 450-2020.

Vista Eye Care Schedule an Eye Exam

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Vegas Trip!

We had a great visit to the annual Vision Expo West meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Drs. Abert and Pedroza attended the meeting with our optical manager Kelly and our lead optician Claudia.  We had a great time in class, learning about new eye care technologies, and having fun!  Kelly and Claudia took classes on optical technology, patient care, employee management, and healthcare, while the docs took classes on glaucoma and retinal disease diagnosis and treatment.  Please enjoy these images from our trip!

Our first meal in Las Vegas! We landed in the evening after work and checked in to our hotel. We wondered if any restaurants would be open at midnight, and the answer was a definite yes!

Drs. Abert and Pedroza are excited to return to Vegas after being away for a few years.

Dr. Deanna Pedroza poses with our lead optician Claudia. This was Claudia’s first visit to Vision Expo and she tirelessly attended class and visited the exhibit hall.

Dr. Pedroza, Dr. Abert, Claudia, and Kelly pose at a party held at the end of the meeting.

We all went out exploring on our second night and saw the impressive Fremont Street Light Show!

Dr. Pedroza calls her daughter who stayed home in Colorado. Thanks to Grandma for watching our kids so we could go to the meeting together!

Dr. Pedroza, Kelly, and Claudia pose at the party!

Kelly’s life-long dream dream of meeting the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles finally came true!

Dr. Pedroza and Dr. Abert got to meet Mr. Joey Fatone! He was a super nice guy to hang out with a bunch of optometrists all night!

Thank you for checking out these pictures form our meeting in Las Vegas!  If you would like to schedule your annual comprehensive eye and vision examination of yourself, or your family, please call us at (303) 450-2020, or use the button below to schedule online:

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